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October 1st-9th, 2005
YAMAHA Tricker 250 : un tout nouveau trail accessible  tous !

New 2006 model

Yamaha Tricker 250 : a whole new kind of urban fun bike.

Yamaha continues its tradition of motorcycling innovation with the Tricker - a whole new kind of urban fun bike. Created to bring trials-style enjoyment to street riding, Tricker appeals equally to expert motorcyclists and beginners.

Experienced riders will revel in Tricker’s amazing agility, which allows the kind of manoeuvres that most other motorcycles could never pull off. And beginners will delight in the bike’s easy controllability, low seat height and ultra-light weight (just 118 kg).


Tricker style is new to the street - simple, minimal, easy for commuting, appealing to riders who want carefree fun and thrills in their lives, not burdensome complexities. This is a machine that was truly created to put smiles on faces.

Tricker 250 - Engine

To fit the Tricker concept of minimal design, compactness, light weight and user-friendliness, Yamaha engineers went for an air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke.

Based on the XT225 engine, from Yamahas legendary XT range, the Tricker 250 engine is tuned for midrange and low-rpm performance, so you’ve always got plenty of power and torque on hand, however tight a corner you’re in. The 249cc unit produces a lively 19 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and a punchy 18.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.


Tricker engine tech includes ceramic-composite cylinder for cooler running plus lightweight forged piston and primary engine balancer for minimal vibration. For maximum low/mid-rpm power and torque Tricker features optimised intake/exhaust port design, high-volume airbox plus optimum crankshaft weight, cam profile and carburettor settings. And Trickers 33 mm Mikuni carburettor is mounted in a forward-lean position, so it can efficiently feed the engine even when the bike is vertical on the back wheel.

Tricker 250 - Chassis

Engineers had straightforward priorities for the Tricker chassis : elegant, compact design plus maximum manoeuvrability.

With excellent mass-centralisation, wheelbase of just 1,330 mm, ultra-slim semi-double cradle frame and slender fuel tank, Tricker means an easy, confidence-inspiring ride, for experts it means never-ending fun and stunts.


Maximum control on tarmac and dirt surfaces is aided by long-travel Kayaba suspension (180 mm from the 35 mm forks, 172 mm from the Monocross rear end with box-section swingarm) and exclusive, lightweight Tricker tyres (80/100-19 front, 120/90-16), featuring a low-noise tread pattern.

Tricker 250 - Technical highlights

-  Punchy, lightweight and compact air-cooled 249cc four-stroke engine
-  Excellent mass-centralisation, wheelbase of just 1,330 mm
-  Ultra-slim fuel tank and semi-double cradle frame for max control
-  Intake/exhaust ports tuned for midrange and low-rpm performance
-  Forged piston and engine balancer for minimal vibration
-  Ceramic-composite cylinder for cooler engine running
-  Long-travel Kayaba suspension (180 mm front, 172 mm rear)
-  Exclusive, lightweight Tricker tyres with low-noise tread pattern.
-  Huge range of accessories to make Tricker even leaner and lighter


The Tricker is available right now in yellow, black or orange.


Get more info on the new Yamaha Tricker 250 on Yamaha Motor Europe site...

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